Despite having helped plenty of clients to design and build new websites, it’s been a while since we updated our own. Therefore, we’ve decided it’s time for a refresh and over the past few months we’ve been hard at work turning our vision into a reality! We’re hoping to launch … Continue reading

The way we communicate has changed; advances in digital technology mean our personal data is captured every time we go online. According to The Economist, customer data comes second only to oil as the most valuable asset in the world. Because of its value it is open to attack and … Continue reading

Following on from our success at the South of England and Channel Islands PRide Awards we recently picked up another trophy – this time in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region. After braving the rain and the hail to attend the ceremony in Leeds on Thursday (30th November), we were delighted … Continue reading

As the year draws to a close, our search to support a new charity throughout 2018 has begun and we’re urging charities and not-for-profit organisations that need help with PR and marketing to get in touch. As a company we’re passionate about giving something back to the community and have … Continue reading

After lots of planning and organisation for one of the most popular events in the Shooting Star calendar, our fifth annual chippy quiz took place on Monday (20th November) and we raised a mighty £1,550 in aid of The Children’s Bereavement Centre and Marmalade Trust, smashing all existing records! A … Continue reading

It was a successful night for Shooting Star at the South of England and Channel Islands PRide Awards in Bristol on Friday (17th November). We were delighted to win gold in the Arts, Culture or Sport category for our ‘From Sidecars to Superstars’ campaign! We’ve also been shortlisted in the … Continue reading

Prior to starting university, I toyed with the idea of doing a joint bachelors in journalism and PR, but after deciding feature writing was my true passion, I opted for straight journalism at the University of Lincoln.   Having done a level three BTEC in journalism at college, I already knew that … Continue reading

Until a colleague asked, “How do you pronounce the word ‘meme’?” a few months ago, and reality star Gemma Collins was publicly mocked for her pronunciation, I hadn’t even considered that there was any other way than ‘meem’. But then I realised that I’d never actually had to say the … Continue reading

This last year has flown by and although it’s not a special anniversary year for us, we have three members of the team who are all celebrating some rather big birthdays soon (mentioning no names!). To mark the occasion, we decided that this year rather than celebrate our birthday we’d … Continue reading

Gender stereotyping has been one of the hot topics of the summer. From the announcement that Dr Who is to regenerate into a woman, to the BBC two-part programme No More Boys and Girls via the Advertising Standards Authority’s impending crackdown on gender stereotyping in adverts, our perception of gender … Continue reading

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that “It is not length of life, but depth of life”, something that I never quite understood until now. I had only just turned 17 when I applied for a BA (Hons) degree in Media Production at the University of Lincoln and now having just … Continue reading

At Shooting Star, we work with clients to promote their product or service across a variety of social media channels depending on the nature of the business and what they want to achieve. Firstly, start by setting out what you’d like to achieve by using social media; create some goals … Continue reading

Anyone whose business has an online presence has probably heard of SEO, but not everyone knows exactly what it is or why people use it. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is how people find what they are looking for in search engines. For example: if someone is looking … Continue reading

As I’m about to embark on my final year at the University of Lincoln studying public relations, I was very grateful to be given the opportunity to do a week of work experience at PR and marketing agency Shooting Star. Having done the rest of my work experience and internships … Continue reading

It’s been a busy year for Shooting Star so far, with many new client wins over the past seven months, and now it seems all that hard work has paid off. We’ve been nominated not just once but twice for a prestigious CIPR PRide Award 2017! We’ve been shortlisted in … Continue reading

Like it or loathe it, we live in an increasingly digital world. Nowadays, social media acts as a source of news, a customer helpdesk, an enquiry point and a referral system all at once. The potential for a brand crisis is greater than ever before and how we deal with … Continue reading

We’re already halfway through 2017 and, whether you’ve just started out on the road to making your business a success, or are running a tight ship at a well established company, you might be considering how you can better spread the word. Here are a few tips to help you … Continue reading

At Shooting Star, we make it our business to raise our clients’ profile and enhance their reputation. And nothing says you’ve hit the big time quite like making the headlines in the national media. Recently, a fair few of our clients have been featured in national news outlets, for all … Continue reading

Following our record-breaking first quarter – when we secured nine new clients – we’re delighted to announce that we’ve won contracts with eight more! We’re now working with HMT St Hugh’s Hospital in Grimsby, Lincoln-based pre-employment screening specialist Sanctis, Hampshire-based software developer and distributor Selectec, EVO Recruitment and mint, a … Continue reading

We live in an increasingly competitive world which means it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. So how do you differentiate your business and become your prospects’ number one choice?  From an outsider’s point of view it may seem that there’s very little to distinguish one accountant … Continue reading

Copywriting is the art of writing with a clear brand purpose. From website copy to news releases, from social media to newsletters – even advertising slogans – everything written to promote or inform an audience about a business is copywriting. So why is good copywriting important? In both written and … Continue reading

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott became a laughing stock last week after giving a series of car crash interviews on her new policing manifesto. Ms Abbott, when interviewed by Nick Ferrari on LBC, made a monumental mistake on the figures, claiming that 10,000 new police officers would cost just £300,000, … Continue reading

As a PR agency, we love any excuse to network, and May is certainly full of opportunities. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be at five different events including the Lincolnshire Digital and Tech Awards, so if you’re attending, be sure to say hi to the team – there … Continue reading

Right now, influencer marketing is a huge topic of conversation; if you’re not already doing it as part of your marketing strategy, then it’s more than likely that your marketing team has it on their radar. But what is it? Put simply, influencer marketing is a form of marketing that … Continue reading

In business, we are constantly pitching our products and services to the world at large, but translating complex ideas into a language your audience will understand is not always easy. How would you describe a hairdryer? Would you describe it as an electromechanical device designed to blow hot air onto … Continue reading

Account Manager Mike Shields explains how businesses can best avoid cliché and turning audiences and customers off… When was the last time you understood everything a business was trying to say? When you read promotional material or business news, do you feel informed, confused or even patronised? It wouldn’t be … Continue reading

It’s been a very busy start to the year for the Shooting Star team and during the short space of just three months, we have welcomed nine new clients to our books. What a great start! Following our tenth anniversary last autumn, we’ve been working hard to expand all aspects … Continue reading

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last week, the chances are you’ll have seen Professor Robert Kelly’s (hilarious) Skype interview for BBC News. During his interview about the political landscape in South Korea, which was aired live on BBC News, his two small children can be seen … Continue reading

Shooting Star has found its Truelove – Truelove Property and Construction, that is, who have appointed us to manage their PR and help raise their profile. The long-established Lincolnshire house building firm will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and has recruited our team of experts to really put their … Continue reading

This week we welcome Nikhita Keshwara who joins us as our latest Rising Star Intern! Nikhita is a broadcast journalism graduate from Nottingham Trent University and will be working with us for three months. During her time with us, Nikhita will be assisting with a range of PR and marketing … Continue reading

Whether you’re attending a regional business expo or an industry awards ceremony, events offer an opportunity to showcase your business to new customers, meet up with your peers and engage with the wider public. Professional events can cover anything from a new product launch to a work anniversary so there … Continue reading

I’ve been studying marketing for four very long years. After completing one marketing degree and deciding to do another, I’m a pro at SMART objectives, adept at PESTLE and getting a little bit sick and tired of the infamous SWOT! I was itching to put all this theory I’d learnt … Continue reading

It’s that time of the year again, when we ask to see your best pancake creations. Whether you’re sweet enough and prefer a savoury snack or like to use Fat Tuesday as the perfect excuse to satisfy your sweet cravings, we want to know how you pimp your pancake! Enter … Continue reading

The way we create and consume news is changing. Just 20 years ago, the news industry got to choose whose views would be aired, and readers and viewers were the recipients of those decisions. Now – as a reader or viewer – if you’re caught up in the middle of … Continue reading

It has always been my dream to go abroad someday. As soon as I finished my apprenticeship as an event management assistant in a hotel near Berlin, I decided to do a four-week internship in Bristol to gain some new experience. All on my own, I arrived at London Heathrow … Continue reading

During our latest free PR clinic in January, it became clear that using social media to promote your business still feels like a bit of a dark art for many entrepreneurs. The majority of us know how to use social media really well. Indeed, it is a part of our … Continue reading

Are you looking for your first job in PR and marketing? If so we’re looking for a talented graduate to become our next Rising Star intern. We launched our internship scheme in 2010 and now we’re ready to take on our next intern. If you’re an outstanding graduate with a passion … Continue reading

When it comes to social media, an integral part of your message is photography. The shift to visual media has been sure but steady. We’ve moved from an era of detailed websites and lengthy blogs to Facebook’s succinct updates and Twitter’s 140-character limit. The shift has been from ‘tell’ to … Continue reading

This year, we’re championing not just one but two charities of the year! We’re offering PR and marketing services and expertise free of charge to the Children’s Bereavement Centre in Newark as well as the Marmalade Trust which operates in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. The Children’s Bereavement Centre has been … Continue reading

We recently undertook a market research survey to find out what business people’s most pressing concerns are going in to 2017. It was no surprise to discover that the majority of respondents (76%) said they were most concerned about sales and generating new business. Being the director of a public … Continue reading

If so, you’re in the right place – and you’ll be in an even better place if you’re visiting the second annual Lincolnshire Business Expo on Wednesday 18th January, because that’s where some of us will be! Marketing Manager Sharon Foster and Account Executive Zoe Lamb will be on stand … Continue reading


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