It’s that time of the year again, when we ask to see your best pancake creations. Whether you’re sweet enough and prefer a savoury snack or like to use Fat Tuesday as the perfect excuse to satisfy your sweet cravings, we want to know how you pimp your pancake! Enter … Continue reading

The way we create and consume news is changing. Just 20 years ago, the news industry got to choose whose views would be aired, and readers and viewers were the recipients of those decisions. Now – as a reader or viewer – if you’re caught up in the middle of … Continue reading

It has always been my dream to go abroad someday. As soon as I finished my apprenticeship as an event management assistant in a hotel near Berlin, I decided to do a four-week internship in Bristol to gain some new experience. All on my own, I arrived at London Heathrow … Continue reading

During our latest free PR clinic in January, it became clear that using social media to promote your business still feels like a bit of a dark art for many entrepreneurs. The majority of us know how to use social media really well. Indeed, it is a part of our … Continue reading

Are you looking for your first job in PR and marketing? If so we’re looking for a talented graduate to become our next Rising Star intern. We launched our internship scheme in 2010 and now we’re ready to take on our next intern. If you’re an outstanding graduate with a passion … Continue reading


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