Jerry Green Says No to Puppy Farm Sales

February 9, 2018

Charity Jerry Green Dog Rescue is calling on fellow animal lovers to put pressure on the Government to ban the sale of puppies by pet shops and other third-party dealers.

Yesterday (Thursday) Defra set out plans to improve animal welfare standards, which include a blanket ban on the sale of puppies from pet shops and puppy farms.

Jerry Green Dog Rescue, which has rescue centres in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and Nottinghamshire, is urging its supporters to put pressure on the Government to get the plans pushed through as quickly as possible.

Gill Skinner, Volunteer Co-ordinator and Campaigner at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, said: “As a charity dedicated to the care, welfare and responsible rehoming of dogs, we welcome any review of the law which makes selling dogs illegal for anyone other than licensed breeders and charities that rehouse abandoned dogs.

“Having previously campaigned for an end to puppy farming, we are keen to support Defra’s recommendations to ban the sale of puppies in this way.

“More regulation is essential if we are to tackle the unscrupulous dealers in this dreadful trade.

“In particular, licensing of dog breeders and sellers must be tightened up to ensure that everyone involved in the sale or rescue of dogs is required to demonstrate the highest level of mental and physical dog welfare standards, which are also robustly policed by more stringent local authority requirements.

“We believe that dogs should be classed as sentient beings and that the law, established in the Animal Welfare Act of 2006, must be applied to all breeders or rescue establishments.”

Currently, breeders only need to have a dog breeding licence to operate, which allows them to legally produce five or more litters a year from the same breeding bitch and sell the puppies.

The conditions of the annually renewed licence stipulate that dogs should live in suitable accommodation, receive adequate food, water and bedding, be protected from the spread of disease and get enough exercise.

However, there are no rules for the amount of time that mothers and puppies are handled or played with in their early life – both of which could help breeders identify health abnormalities or spot behavioural problems which could lead to complications down the line.

Jacqui Bell, CEO at Jerry Green Dog Rescue, said: “Alarmingly, the standard dog breeding licence doesn’t put anywhere near enough emphasis on the long-term welfare of the breeding bitches and their pups.

“And it’s deeply concerning how easy it is for people to order and pay for a so called ‘tailor-made puppy’ online and have it delivered straight to their door.

“We’re already starting to see a new trend in ‘designer dogs’ coming into rescue centres once the physical and emotional hardships placed on their breed start to show.

“Unsuspecting owners can end up with pets with serious health issues including arthritis and breathing problems, and when they struggle to cope they often turn to us for advice and in some cases for rehoming.

“I would urge anyone thinking about getting a dog to get in touch with the team here at Jerry Green Dog Rescue to find out what sort of dog would be the best match for your lifestyle before making the commitment, people would probably be surprised at who turns out to be their best match!”

Animal welfare experts, or anyone with a knowledge of the effect introducing a ban would have, can take part in the consultation process by visiting

For more information about Jerry Green Dog Rescue or your nearest centre, please visit the website:


Notes to editors:

Jerry Green Dog Rescue was founded in 1961 in Broughton, Lincolnshire and is now one of the UK’s largest dog rescue charities.
• Jerry Green Dog Rescue has a caring ethos which puts the dogs in its care at the centre of everything it does. It also operates a policy whereby prospective adopters are introduced to dogs in a neutral environment away from the kennel, resulting in less stress for the dog and increasing the chances of permanent homes being found.
• The adoption process at Jerry Green Dog Rescue involves a number of introductory visits and the rehoming team provide pre and post adoption support to ensure the move to the dog’s new home is as smooth as possible.
• The charity receives no Government or National Lottery funding. This means it is dependent on the generosity of public and corporate donors/sponsors.

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