Media Monitoring

We aren’t ones to gossip, but we do understand the importance of knowing what people are saying about you.

To monitor media coverage for our clients we use a raft of print and online monitoring and analysis tools. Market leaders Precise monitor over 15,000 UK media sources, searching print, broadcast and online and provide fast, accurate coverage of our clients’ keywords.

The online service supplies full-colour clips and key outlet information such as circulation and advertising value equivalent (AVE). We then provide you with access to your coverage online so you can log on at any time to view a useful summary of your media exposure in any given month.

All this content-rich information is great when you have to present to your board or justify your PR budget to your boss. But it’s also really important to be kept in the loop when it comes to coverage in the media, which is why we keep a weather eye open for articles which mention your business and let you know straight away if we see something we think will interest you.

After all, if people are talking about you, you want to know exactly what they’re saying.

Newsroom Access

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