Media Training

The BBC wants to do a live interview with you in one hour. This sort of request happens a lot to our clients.

Do you:

a) panic and turn it down?

b) do the interview nervously and accidentally leak vital company information?

c) do the interview in a commanding manner, communicating your key messages to millions of viewers and dodging crafty questions from an intimidating journalist?

If you’ve been given media training by Shooting Star your answer will be a definite C. We provide media training tailored to your company’s needs to equip each team member with skills to handle the toughest interviews.

You’ll soon learn why “No comment” is rarely a good idea.

Our media training normally takes place in high-tech media facilities using experienced technicians and journalists to give you the best possible opportunity to practise in a real life environment. We’ll teach you the different requirements of radio, TV, print and online journalists. We’ll prepare you to stick to your key messages in an interview if things start to get off track.

Once you’ve done our training you’ll always be our student. We’ll keep watching, listening and reading your media appearances and provide detailed appraisals of how you can improve.

Or we’ll just keep dishing out the praise when you do perfectly.

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