Online and Social Media

We’ll tag your tweets and Facebook about your blog. Then we’ll upload your video clips onto YouTube and hook you up with the movers and shakers in your industry on LinkedIn.

If you didn’t understand any of this, don’t worry. All we’re saying is that we’ll help you find and interact with your customers via digital media. The formula for engaging with your target market hasn’t changed; it just went online and got itself a few fancy names. Digital media is all about communication – and that’s what we do best.

Our tailored social media campaigns work to complement our pitches to traditional media channels in order to maximise the reach and effectiveness of your key messages. We like to utilise every possible communication tool available.

We like to share – that’s just the way we are.

If you don’t know your TweetDeck from your Pinterest, we can create a social media campaign for your brand, or for a specific event or product. Or, if you already have social media channels set up, we can manage them to make sure you’re achieving the greatest impact.

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